To better understand the dire needs of the people in Zimbabwe, we invite you to explore the image galleries. This will allow you to see the real life situation that drives our passion and the success we have had with one clinic in Munyarari. The rural clinics are suffering from a long period of neglect but we are inspired as healthcare is being administered to thousands of people in one area.

The Clinics

Our first facility in Munyarari started as a shell of a building. Now it enables a dedicated staff’ provide excellent medical care with just basic resources.  Childhood diseases have been reduced.  Responsive and preventive medicine is being administered. General health is improving.

The Land of Chabadza

The land of Zimbabwe is filled with sights, sounds, plant life and creatures that create a vibrant, distinctive culture. Even a casual walk will lead one to amazing images and experiences. The photos shown here are just a few from our recent trips to the clinic sites.