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Munyarari Clinic: Much has been accomplished from a shell of a building that has been retrofitted. The dedicated staff provide excellent medical care with just basic resources.  Childhood diseases have been reduced. Responsive and preventive medicine is being administered.  General health is improving. Presently, the clinic is in dire need of expansion and will be relocated to a new site for more space.

Gatsi Clinic: Some reusable structures are on site, but will require significant rebuilding and refurbishing.  The bore hole caved in 5 years ago and has not been dug out.

Chinyadza Clinic: Relatively speaking, the clinic is new, however, it is in need of additional infrastructure to the existing facilities.

Anoldine Clinic: With very limited facilities, this clinic will require significant additions in order to meet the new government standards of 2014.

Chitora Clinic:  This clinic is serving about 500 patients a month and is closest to the new government standards.  It does require some expansion, retrofitting, as well as repairs.