We are thankful for all that has been completed at Munyarari Medical Clinic! The following have been completed:

*New Outpatient Clinic
*Waiting Area for Clinic
*Waiting Mothers Shelter
*Maternity Ward Building
*Bathroom Block
*Waste Disposal Building
*Staff House
*New Water Tanks & Solar Power

We are awaiting a few inspections and the construction of a quadruple staff house. 

Outpatient Clinic

Waiting Area for Clinic

Maternity Ward & Waiting Mothers Shelter

Waste Disposal Building

Installing 2nd Tank on Water Tower

Staff Duplex House

Severe weather threatened the operation of our clinic, but quick thinking and resourcefulness resulted in a continuation of medical services.  Progress continues and we are nearing completion of Phase 2. When Phase 3 is complete, our friends at Munyarari will have a brand new outpatient clinic, new maternity block, new waiting mothers shelter & new lavatory building.  

Pictured below are the new clinic building, which is in use, as well as the new maternity block and  waiting mothers shelter, with most outside work complete.


Just as the world has been impacted in many ways by the Coronavirus Pandemic, our patients and our construction have been affected.  For a time, we turned our attention to food distributions. We were privileged to be able to complete three distributions, feeding hundreds of hungry people.

As you can see from the photos below, construction has resumed and things are looking up again. Check out these new pictures of a lavatory block and the new Waiting Mothers building.




The circumstances in Zimbabwe are dire. Covid 19 has limited the accessibility of food, and people are suffering with hunger and malnutrition. We decided to temporarily turn our attention to the food shortage and we have sponsored two food distributions in Munyarari, where our clinic is. Each distribution has fed over 450 families. The people express deep gratitude and we are thankful to have been able to raise the funds to help them. We are working to raise funds to support a 3rd distribution. Please consider donating through this website in support of our special assistance at this time.


In late February/early March, Dave & Bev Talbot of our Chabadza team traveled to Zimbabwe to meet with the Munyarari Mission Medical Clinic staff, the clinic expansion and revitalization construction team, and the local church and village leaders.

The existing clinic continues to be extremely busy. It was malaria season and this year the number of cases had dramatically increased.

Upon their arrival, the Talbots were given warm greetings by the local people and were graciously received by the new Munyarari Mission Station Chair and Pastor, Simbisai Jossie Mwaita, as well as the local medical clinic staff, nurses Mildred and Gertrude.

While dire economic conditions in Zimbabwe certainly propose challenges, the progress to expand the Mission’s healthcare facilities are continuing.  In meetings with local tribal chiefs and headmen,  Dave & Bev expressed the Chabadza team’s ongoing commitment to the people of Munyarari and the surrounding villages. The chiefs were asked to continue to emphasize the importance of the work of their local village communities to support the clinic expansion and construction. The people are valued partners in this construction process as they continue to make bricks, gather stone and river sand and transport all to the construction site.

Phase 1 of the project is almost complete, consisting of the main outpatient block, patient waiting area, toilet facilities, a duplex housing unit, new borehole (well) and a solar powered water supply system and new septic system. All work for Phase 1 was to be completed by the end of April but the Covid 19 outbreak, now hitting the people of Zimbabwe, has pushed back that timeline.

The Talbots’ visit to Zimbabwe was timely and rewarding. These are difficult times and their presence gave the reassurance that we are all in this together and, collectively, we are there to support and encourage each other. God willing, it is the Chabadza team’s hope to return to Zimbabwe very soon, complete Phase 1 and move on to complete the remaining phases as soon as possible.

New baby born at Munyarari clinic

This little girl was born at our clinic

Going for a stroll

Happy children at church

Village Caregivers

Dave with local leadership

Outpatient Clinic

Lavatory block

New Staff Housing

We are pleased with progress, and Phase One of our Munyarari expansion and improvement is expected to be completed by the end of this year. Phase One includes a new outpatient building and waiting area, new staff housing, new bathroom facilities, and a new water system and waste disposal complex. We expect to begin our final two phases early next year, hoping to complete construction by the end of 2020.

Construction on Staff Housing

New Staff Housing

New Outpatient & Bathroom Facilities

New Outpatient Building

We are grateful to have received news that our Munyarari Mission was spared, though it was along the path of destruction caused by Cyclone Idai.  Please continue to pray for the thousands who have lost property and/or loved ones in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi.

Cyclone Adai recently hit Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. Damage to property and loss of life is catastrophic. Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Africa.








We are happy to share that the new clinic is nearing completion. The roof is complete and workers are putting the finishing touches on the exterior. At the same time, work is beginning for the Nurses’ house and the toilet block. Villagers have brought river sand for the foundations of both buildings.

We have shipped supplies for the new clinic to Zimbabwe, and they will be moved from Old Mutare Hospital as soon as the clinic is ready to begin operation.

We’re getting closer! Stay tuned!