In Zimbabwe, the Shona word  “Chabadza” refers to community members coming together to help those in need. Chabadza-Healing Hands Across Zimbabwe is a mission group working to bring this help, by establishing or retrofitting medical clinics across the remote rural regions of Zimbabwe.

We believe that everyone, everywhere, should have access to quality healthcare. We cannot sit idly by while children are dying of preventable causes. Please take a few minutes to watch our overview video. Then click here to read our recent news articles of real-life issues for the people of Zimbabwe.


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Our Vision

Sustainable, accessible health care and health education will be available to all people in Zimbabwe.

Our Mission

Chabadza-Healing Hands Across Zimbabwe is a Christ-centered nonprofit organization providing accessible and sustainable healthcare, medical outreach, and health education to people in rural Zimbabwe. One-hundred-percent (100%) of all donated funds are used solely for this purpose.

Contribute to Chabadza

There are two ways to contribute to Chabadza Healing Hands Across Zimbabwe. You can use PayPal with your credit card or PayPal account. Or you can mail in a form with with your credit card information or check. Remember, any amount helps. $5, $10, $20, $50 or more. Every dollar you contribute can save lives.


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